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Crafted with the focused perspective of the voyeur, the pale of memory portrays a shifting world of the questionable protagonist, a young man named Scott. As he attempts to hide his secrets, he also tries to transform his new lover in a desperate attempt to recreate his own past.









The Murdery Delicious Hamwich Gumm Mystery is a hilarious, wickedly clever jewel that earnestly follows the gruesome trials of brothers Reynald and Willoughby Chalmers, who reluctantly become involved in the bloodied, spinach laden trail of a chainsaw-wielding madman.









In The Murdery Delicious High Seas Horror, the sequel to the compelling The Murdery Delicious Hamwich Gumm Mystery, the Chalmers brothers and their wives find themselves quite stranded at sea, swirling around a tempestuous cast of unforgettable, highly fishy fellow luminaries.









Mister Sherwood hails from New England and was educated at London’s Royal Academy, Hunter College, and the University of New Hampshire. From the author of The Pale of Memory and Friendship Fog, The Murdery Delicious Blood Stone Secret is the final chapter in the Murdery Delicious series. He worked as a theatrical agent and the dining editor of Next magazine in Manhattan and has written for Interior Design, New York, and Woman’s Day. As creator of the food blog, he was published in the Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook.







Friendship Fog is an urban fairy tale for anyone who has ever been in love … or searched for it desperately. From a Fourth of July celebration in 1976 introducing four young lives in Friendship, Maine to modern day Manhattan, this charming cocktail infused with arresting humor spans the decades in a singular, fanciful exploration of the heart and mind—and ultimately, friendship. Clifford Bowles is now the ultra-fabulous mogul who helms the Divine Living omni-media empire while in the midst of a lonely midlife crisis. However, his boozy best friend Van Dillon is a prominent theatrical agent, whom fate has recently delivered into the paws of a hunky veterinarian. Orlanda DeCardinier, a ridiculous psychic career coach, has a bigger hand in all of the business than even she realizes as the estranged Laura Trelawny, a frazzled psychiatrist, re-emerges to reveal a most disquieting secret that affects them all.